Ss brewtech ftss review

ss brewtech ftss review

I have seen them in the magazines, at friends houses, and sitting on display at homebrew conventions beckoning me with their shiny stainless siren calls. The Chronicals were shipped in attractive and sturdy containers, the items had no damage, and the included product media was sleek and professional.

Finally, the BME Chronicals were ready to hold fermenting beer.

ss brewtech ftss review

Time to put these bad boys to use! Suffice to say, it took a little more time and effort than filling carboys with sanitizer.

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The inaugural brew day went fine, it was time to fill these beauties with freshly chilled wort. This was considerably less difficult than I expected, as the Chronicals strike a nice balance of sturdiness and maneuverability. I occasionally like to reuse yeast slurry in subsequent batches, a task the BME Chronical makes a no brainer. No more siphons! Matt Chrispen from the Accidentalis blog wrote a nice piece about pressurized transfers that I found helpful. It came through that they cared, and I appreciate that.

I also made additional purchases that were shipped quickly and arrived in good form. MoreBeer is a proud reseller of Ss Brewtech products, carrying their entire line of brewing products with free shipping.

All designs are available in various colors and sizes on Amazon! If you enjoy this stuff and feel compelled to support Brulosophy. Did BrewTech mention anything on how to store this product? I bought a More Beer conicle 2 years ago.

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The interior started pitting around the Krausen line. I brew once a week, and I use the conicle every other. More Beer told me I should have stored the conicle filled with a concentrated solution of sanitizer, which never made sense to me.

It would be good to know what Brew Tech thinks about storing their conicles. If so, you can easily scrub it off with some star san. I havent looked into long term strong yet. I have 2 BrewBuckets that I clean with a PBW soak, rinse and then wipe down with a clean rag every time without any pitting, stains or deposits. I also heartily recommend SS BrewTech as their products are great and have excellent customer service.

I do not currently have temp control but received a brew bucket as a Christmas present so thinking of picking up the FTSs so I can finally start brewing true lagers. I would go further when describing the cost benefit of the SS Brewtech products. Plastic carboys are easier to move around, but sometimes difficult to clean, glass is easier to clean but it secretly wants to kill you anytime you look at it, plastic buckets once they get an infection will infect everything. Especially for you, you have the vessel and now all you need is the FTSs?

Your answer hit my issue right on the head. Build out a chest freezer with the assumption of four taps, or build it with the assumption that a chunk of the space will be used for temperature controlling lagers, or having two separate chambers one converted to a keezer and one as temp control. The cost gave me pause but building two chambers or sacrificing serving space seemed to be a bigger loss, I had forgotten the FTSs had even existed till this product review.It worked, but it was a pain in the ass.

As the brewing obsession took hold, I began to consider future steps and decided to transition directly to all grain, a method that demands a larger kettle in order to perform full volume boils.

ss brewtech ftss review

To the web I went to search for my best option. I ended up picking out a heavy-duty 10 gallon kettle with a single weldless ball valve fitting. When it arrived, I was impressed by just how heavy-duty it was. They looked badass. Moreover, the concave bottom resulted in rather large losses of wort.

Fuuuuuuck that. Two batches later and on Craigslist they went. I made a dipstick out of a wooden dowel, it soon warped, so I began relying on an old graduated fermentation bucket. All in all, not a huge deal, but it did take some time. The kettles arrived well-packaged and in pristine condition about a week later.

A nice touch, indeed. Plugs for the upper holes are included as well, I installed them briefly for a leak test- not a drip! My hands-down favorite thing about this kettle is the graduated gallon markers on the inside. Concerned about their accuracy, as soon as the fittings were installed, I filled my trusty measuring bucket to 4 gallons and poured the water into the kettle to compare.

It was spot on, I was thrilled! Now, filling my kettles is easier than ever. Speaking of cleaning, the weldless fittings take literally seconds to disassemble, allowing me to toss them into a bowl of cleaner and walk away rather than scrubbing with a toothbrush. All designs are available in various colors and sizes on Amazon! If you enjoy this stuff and feel compelled to support Brulosophy. Good honest review. I had the same issue with my keggles sightglass erupting, it ended up being too close to a hole in the bottom ring and heat was striking it creating the volcanoe.

I had to modify a heat shield to block the hole then all was well. I made my own graduation markings on my cheap econo kettle. Grab a nail set punch. Place kettle on level surface. Add gallons one at a time, scratch a line at the water level each time. Dump the water. Lay the kettle on its side on a piece of soft wood with scratch marks down.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

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SS Brewbucket Review. Help Support Homebrew Talk:. If you have done any shopping online for brewing supplies than you have probably seen advertisements for the SS Brewbucket from SS Brewing Technologies. That was where my exposure to them began. Read on and make your own opinions.

Full disclosure, I purchased one of these in and recently purchased another just two months ago. SS Brewbucket Features. Ben Benesh. Tags brewing equipment buckets conical conical fermenter equipment review fermenters review ss brewtech. I've never used the thermometer that came with mine. I stick my Inkbird temperature probe in the thermowell to monitor temps in my chest freezer fermentation chamber.

I personally have to have a lot more gadgets and gear in order to upgrade from my plastic big-mouth carboys Big fan of the BrewBucket here. I did not have any issue cleaning mine. It is an extra step and takes some effort, but I found it cleaned the bucket very well. I do agree with the issue with the rotating dip tube. You do need to be careful how you turn the valve or you can start leaks.

This is a minor issue and just something which you need to be careful with. I am a big fan of the bucket and find it to be a worthwhile investment. It is not cheap, but it does eliminate a issues with durability of glass or plastic, ease of sanitization and O2 permeability. It also looks really nice. The accessories are a major plus too.Follow RSS Email. This week I ferment a few batches of beer to see how well the fermenter performs. I purchased the 14 gallon 53 l Brewmaster series chronical to brew 10 gal 38 l beer batches on my Blichmann BrewEasy system.

ss brewtech ftss review

To sanitize the conical I filled it with Starsan after first soaking the various fittings, valves and clamps in Starsan and assembling them. Near the end of my brew day I emptied it out and prepared for transfer. I filled the fermenter directly from my kettle by pumping it through the Therminator wort chiller and into the bottom of the conical. The conical has volume markings on the inside of the fermenter which make it easy to manage your target volume.

The optional FTSS system for the Brewmaster series consists of just a submersible pump and a temperature control unit with a thermcouple, plus a short length of vinyl hose. You need a separate picnic or igloo Gott cooler with ice in it to provide a cold water source. I used my old Igloo Gott cooler that was once a mash tun. You also need to change the ice out every hours. There is also an optional unit with a heating pad if you need both heating and chilling. I did not test the heating pad as my basement remains warm year round.

In operation, the control unit monitors temperature of the fermenter using a thermocouple in the thermowell. When the temperature rises more than a degree above the temperature you set it starts the pump up which recirculates cold water from the cooler through the coil in the fermenter and chills it. In practice the system worked very well keeping my fermentation temperature within a degree F of my set point. The only problem is that you need to change the ice frequently, particularly during active fermentation.

I had to add about a 2 liters of ice every 12 hours to keep a 65 F 18 C fermentation temperature with a 72 F 22 C room temperature. Alternately you can try fermenting your lagers around 64 F or 65 F which many homebrewers have had succcess with. Other than keeping my cooler fed with ice for the FTSS system, the fermenter is basically maintenance free.

I did choose to dump trub from the lower valve every three days or so during active fermentation. The sight glass helped as I could dump trub once the sight glass filled up.

SS brewtech FTSs and more huge discounts! Couldn't resist. More toys to brew with!

The butterfly valve worked perfectly for dumping trub as it provdes a large opening. I sanitized it with some star-san in a spray bottle and dumped the trub into a bucket until liquid started coming out.

On my second batch I collected some yeast from the early fermentation by dumping into a sanitized container and then transferring to a flask.

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Later I washed the yeast and put it in my fridge to use as a starter for a future batch of beer. One feature I really liked was the sampling port. Using a refractometer and small beer sample I could easily track finishing gravity and also taste the beer as it progressed.

By monitoring the gravity, clarity and also the amount of trub being produced every three days it was very easy to decide when the beer was largely done clearing and ready to be kegged. In preparation for transfer I dumped the trub once more to make sure the racking arm was sitting in clean beer. The Chronical is only rated to about 5 psi 34 kPa so you need to apply very low pressure with your regulator and be a little patient during the transfer.

Another hose connects the 1. That way the beer flows down the output tube in the keg and fills the keg from the bottom up.These are two different products, but because they go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Made sense to review them together. So the FTS is made for the brew bucket. They also make conical fermenterslarger conical fermenters and they have temperature control systems for those as well.

So the brew bucket gives this fermentor, you see before you. And just to clarify this neoprene sleeve does not come with the brew bucket. It goes with the FTS. Here but this is a 6. Those conical fermenters are so damn expensive I could just never justify it. So I really upgraded from mainly better bottles plastic better bottles to the spidel fermenter which I really love. You might have seen my video on that. This is really high quality, when you see this you will be impressed by it.

It has a hole drilled for the airlock.

SS Brewbucket Review

I would say that this hole is actually pretty sharp and so first I try putting the the blow-off tube in there, which I almost always do with my fermenters. So I just put a I think was half an inch silicone blow-off tube into here to put it through the hole.

And then the same thing happened with the airlock — you use one of these small rubber stoppers here and it cut off a slit I cut in that as well.

And then you also have these handles on the side as well so it makes this thing really easy to lift. Now on the bottom, you have some rubber caps. And these things are stackable as well, I only have one but you could easily get multiple root buckets and stack these things up. So I just stick a small cup under there and I get plenty plenty of beer to take a gravity reading. But this is really nice, this barbed valve here you can easily take a gravity reading or you can transfer into a keg or into your bottling bucket.

And then when I transfer out of it I rotate it up and I rotate it to the point that I start getting clear.

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So you can avoid transferring a lot of troob over to your your keg or your bottling bucket or another fermenter. Another nice thing about it is that you can easily see how much beer you have in here. So this is a really great fermenter! So lets me move on now and talk about the FTS. So like I said these two things go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I feel like if you get the brew bucket then you almost have to get the FTS. So what essentially does is it it recirculates cold or hot water. If you want to heat it up, it can do that as well.Plus hundreds of top-quality used goodies are available every day across the country for free via giveaway sites. If you've a computer or smartphone, there are a host of small ways to boost your coffers, as well as comping. The internet's opened up new forms of online work, as firms need folks to do tasks such as crowdsourcing info, data entry and content writing.

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